More Angmar Questing, bad Orcs; Evil Statue

Jumped into during daylight hours today to get some more questing in done, as well as to take advantage of the +25% XP enabled for the current event (Fall Festival is running now too folks!).

I left of last time after completing one of a small chain of quests, today I went to a cave near the camp I was at in order to finish off some orcs and Wargs. I forgot how much I hate the stealthy wargs in this area :/ – I managed to complete the quest, but I still want to explore the cave further; Heres the video of me going through the cave:

Completing got me another set piece item, a different part of the set of course, but still another purple set piece:

Quest Reward:


Sitting at about 1/3 of a level to go before leveling up, so I started on another quest before I had to log off for a bit. This one took me towards the Northern area of Angmar where the human enemies are wandering around. I got up there just fine, but got a surprise when I went to go beyond the gate into the area I needed to go:


A darn dread statue! Not a very powerful one, it only added 20 Doom/Dread/whatever to me – but the only mitigation I had on hand was my Horn of the Dwarrowdelf that added 10 radiance. As a solo hunter anything that lowers my Morale and regen rates is a bad thing.

One of my members also managed to craft me some new swords to carry around, they raised my agility and are pretty large upgrades from what I was using before. I will post pics of them later (forgot to take screenshots). It wasn’t a very eventful session but it was another round of fun. I have to put getting a new bow on top of my priority list though, my current bow is about 7 levels old :/

Happy Hunting Middle Earth



~ by Branadoc on October 15, 2009.

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