LotRO Developer Orion on Rep/Faction; Dev Diary: Skirmishes Part 3

Developer Orion posted  on his blog regarding the Faction/Reputation system. In his post he talks about the reputation system as it is and how he is looking to work on it to bring it up to ‘par’ for players who see it as lacking. He goes over how the system is working currently, and how he sees it to be working in the future – I have to say, the post is quite an interesting read:

Posted On: October 16th, 2009
Posted By: Orion
Posted in: Design Discussion

Faction/Reputation, whichever moniker you choose the result is the same: a standing with a group of people with which you have or have no previous interactions. We have several of these in the game right now and all indications point to their inclusion in the future. We added this system a little later than usual and as a result it suffered from a little less love than it possibly could have received.

This should be a cause for some discussion amongst those who have issues with the reputation/faction system eh?

On another note, Part 3 of the Skirmish System developer diary was also posted today:

Brian “Zombie Columbus” continues his series of developer diaries about the new Skirmish system coming in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™ with Part 3: Randomization and Scaling. If you’ve missed previous installments you can catch up with Part 1: Overview and Part 2: Story Instances.

So alot of interesting information coming from regarding today, if they keep it up my blog will suffer a catastrophic informatino overload!



~ by Branadoc on October 16, 2009.

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