More Siege of Mirkwood update information – Lord of the Rings Online (Part 2 of 2)

I am continuing my 2 part article on the updates coming with the next update: . I was originally hoping to have everything covered in 2 articles, but since posting my last one has come up with even more Dev diaries! There is a ton of information out there, and I will cover as much as I can.

In my of this article, I talked about the changes to Character statistics and the Character panel. In this part I will be talking about forthcoming Skill Updates/Additions for the new level range. I will also peek on some changes, but will leave further debate to those more experienced with the system.

Skill Additions/Upgrades coming in Siege of Mirkwood:

While most large updates have brought some sweeping skill changes to the playing field, Siege of Mirkwood will only feature very few changes. Turbine instead used the development time/man power to make sure the core changes they are working on will be as annoyance free as possible. While most people may find this disappointing (and some have pointed it to it as a sign that Mirkwood isn’t really an expansion, but just a paid for content patch), I think that this may end up being a good thing.

The overall combat system changes should go more than far enough to bring some new feeling to the game without the addition of a whole new set of skills for each class. I prefer it when developers refine things rather than just adding more ‘shinies’ onto the current system. That said, each class will be receiving a skill upgrade or new skill at level 62.

Here are the upgrades/new skills broken down by class:

  • Burglar
    • Burglar’s Antidote replaces Cure Poison
      This is a long awaited upgrade to the Burglar’s Cure Poison skill. It is upgraded in almost every way, including level of effect dispelled, range, and induction time.
  • Captain
    • Fighting Withdrawal replaces Withdrawal
      This upgrade removes the damage penalty, increases the amount of threat reduction, and minimizes the threat gained through damage by the Captain while in effect.
  • Champion
    • Remorseless Strike replaces Relentless Strike
      This skill is identical to Relentless Strike in all aspects except that it has much increased critical and devastating critical damage multipliers.
  • Guardian
    • Brutal Charge replaces Charge
      This upgrades Charge to have the same effect as the Champion’s Sprint. Brutal Charge overwrites most snares while it is in effect. There is also a short term damage buff when Brutal Charge is first activated.
  • Hunter
    • Guide to Mirk-eaves – new skill
      This skill is available from Estellien, a reputation reward vendor in Echad Sirion. It requires acquaintance faction with the Malledhrim, the Elven expedition launched across the Anduin against Dol Goldur. This skill functions like other Hunter guide skills to port the Hunter and his Fellowship to Echad Sirion.
  • Lore-master
    • Ancient Knowledge of Cures replaces Leech-craft
      This skill uses all the restrictions and upgrades for Leech-craft but combines Wound cures and resistance with Disease cures and resistance.
  • Minstrel
    • Chorus of Restoration replaces Song of Restoration
      This skill now removes Dread from all members of the Minstrel’s Fellowship (including the Minstrel!).
  • Rune-keeper
    • Shall Not Fall This Day replaces Do Not Fall This Day
      This skill adds a small amount of Melee, Ranged, and Tactical Defense to the target in addition to the self-revive ability. In addition, if the target is defeated while this skill is in effect there will be no item wear due to the defeat.
  • Warden
    • Muster in Mirk-eaves – new skill
      This skill is available from Estellien, a reputation reward vendor in Echad Sirion. It requires acquaintance faction with the Malledhrim, the elven expedition launched across the Anduin against Dol Guldur. This skill functions like other Warden muster skills to port the Warden to Echad Sirion.

As you can see, only Hunters and Wardens get new skills – and they are carbon copies of each other. While I appreciate the reason of the minimal skill updates (see above), I am disappointed that the Hunters update is yet another port. I have so many ports right now that they take up a full action bar by themselves just about – not to mention carrying around a lot of Traveling Rations as consumables. The upside is that skills can now be used from the newly updated menu system that will be coming with Mirkwood – but still, another port? And Wardens getting the same thing? Color me disappointed a little bit.

Legendary Item Changes: Legacy Pools

Another change coming with Siege of Mirkwood is regarding Legendary Item System legacies. As talked about in the Legendary Item Update Developer Diary, legacies will be separated into 2 pools for each class.

  • Pool A legacies will be the most common and are to be the most desired/all purpose legacies. These legacies appear during initial Legendary Item Identification and have a small chance of appearing during reforge at LI levels 10, 20, and 30.
  • Pool B legacies are labeled as more ‘situational’ and will only appear during reforging at LI levels 10, 20, and 30.

To view a comprehensive list of changes / pool contents, take a look at the .

I know I will like the update, even with the things that worry me or disappoint me. Turbine has been doing a great job with this game and I see it lasting for many many more years to come. Just as I see even more dev diaries coming down the line that will tease me and make me want to post on them!

Stay tuned to blog for more Developer Diary updates and information as the release of Siege of Mirkwood gets closer. I will also put up the Patch Notes as soon as they are available.

is due to release on December 1st, 2009.



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