Siege of Mirkwood: Patch Notes and Known Issues

With the due to launch today, I was planning on posting the entire patch note list for my readers… I did not expect how large that list would be though! Instead I will just provide a link for you all and some commentary. First, though, the Known Issues (linked – list is too long to just outright quote) with Mirkwood are already available:

As with any update to a game like , there are a number of bugs that make it through to publishing due to time constraints (Many players say they would rather the release be delayed for more polish… but not only would some of them be first in line with torches if this happened, but you cannot be 100% sure that QA will catch everything or that new code won’t introduce new issues) – Add to this some game play changes that players will see as ‘issues’ but are working as intended and you get the Known Issues posts.

Admittedly, the Known Issues list for Siege of Mirkwood is pretty large – but many of the items on the list are pretty minor (in my eyes). has been very good about providing detailed lists, and they even provide a mini-disclaimer that people will ignore:

This list covers a range of issues that may impact player experience and expectation. Not all known issues are “bugs.” Some known issues may be working as intended by the development team, but may not function as expected by players.
Known issues may also include minor cosmetic or graphical issues which do not impact gameplay but may create confusion for the player.
This list is not all inclusive. Those issues considered trivial or unlikely to impact player experience are not included. We also do not include known exploits.

for the Siege of Mirkwood expansion/update.

Looking through these issues I see many things that players will consider problems, but are actual design changes that will improve things in the long run. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some real issues that will be in need of fix though – the instances of certain quests/instances not being completable due to problems are pretty serious. I am sure that the Turbine team has some fixes in the works already though, they just need to get them past QA and will likely be included in the first post-SoM patch/update.

The Patch Notes for Mirkwood are amazingly extensive, tons of stuff has been updated/changed (see my previous posts on the updates, and the Developer Diaries on the main LotRO site for more info).

All in all I am looking forward to this update, I just hope I can get some in game time – lately I just haven’t had motivation to do much of anything. Goes hand in hand with the season and lack of work for me I guess.

Keep your eyes on your launcher folks, later today we will be able to enjoy the great new expansion to Lord of the Rings Online!



~ by Branadoc on December 1, 2009.

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