A second #1 position for Lord of the Rings Online in 2009

Thats right folks! has picked up yet another #1 rating for the 2009 year. This time around it is Best Gaming [MMO] Community of 2009!

MMOSite has an article up talking about the best (and worst) MMO communities out there for the year; and it is no surprise (to me at least) that ’s Lord of the Rings Online has come in at #1! Heres a snippet of what MMOSite has to say about the LotRO community:

Quote from MMOSite News

The LOTRO community is hands down the best out there, seemingly comprised of refugees from other games where l33t-dudes and e-thugs have taken over.  If you’re looking to escape from the cries of “OMFG NOOB your GEARSCORE is too low to group with me!” then you may want to explore the lands of Middle Earth with this game.

Great job community! You have once again proved what I have been saying all along – Lord of the Rings Online folks are some of the best anywhere on the net!



~ by Branadoc on December 8, 2009.

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