Dev Diary: Orion talks on Epic Quest Updates

In his latest Developer diary for , Developer Orion has outlined his plans for changing the epic quest line. In his pre developer diaries he stated he would be working on the , in today’s dev diary he lets us know that this will be put off until the Epic quest line changes are put through.

In one of the opening paragraphs of his blog post he says:

My focus for the first update post Mirkwood is now set. I am focusing on getting the rest of Volume I completely revised. This entails an overhaul to all existing quests to put them into a logical level progression from one point to the next. This is a fancy way of saying that Book 1 through 15 following a level progression; that level progression hits 50 quickly, but it will make more sense than it did before. This also includes complete revision of all instances included with the epic and any landscape pieces that require players to form into fellowships.

I see this as a good thing, the Epic quest line could become quite tough when the level jumps come into play (You could go from easily solo able to needing a full fellowship within 1 quest).

One way that the development team has been adjusting things to make the Epic Quest line more solo friendly, is by changing the spawns for some areas (that were required to enter for epic quests) from Elite spawns to more solo friendly spawns. Some of the community saw this as a bad thing though, wondering if was trying to get rid of all grouping apparently. In order to try and keep things on an even keel (making the chains solo able without destroying grouping for those areas), Orion has said they are instituting a ‘MacGuffin’:

Enter the MacGuffin. In storytelling or movies the Macguffin is a plot point that catches the viewers eyes and drives the story forward. An example, see that gun in the movie as the camera passes, then see the intruder move into the next room with a knife in his hand – bet you dollars to donuts that the gun comes into play. For us, the MacGuffin will change for each quest in the epic Volume, but it will become a piece of the plot for those who want to utilize “inspiration”.

If it is done well this could be a very good thing for the game. It will make it so that fellowships will still be able to do well in the annoyance areas, but solo players will also have more of a chance if they cannot find a group to go with.

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing these changes implemented. I am very far behind on the Epic Quest line (for many many reasons) and this would allow me to get caught up without having to search for a good group, and without guilting members into helping out.

Read the entire Journal entry here.



~ by Branadoc on December 9, 2009.

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