Welcome Back Weekend; Yule Festival

Two more tidbits of news for you readers to peruse while the servers are down for their hardware upgrade! First off, The is having another Welcome Back Weekend – to top everything off the Yule Festival will be starting soon as well!

Welcome Back Weekend

Once again is opening its doors to old subscribers and allowing them to come back to the game free for 5 days! Between December 17th 2009 and December 21st 2009, old members can return to the lands of Middle Earth and see how much has changed! During the Free Weekend returning players will get the following:

  • A 10% XP Bonus on Mob kills
  • The ability to return to old characters
  • Experience the !
  • Return to the game for just $9.99 (US) a month!

So if you are a prior subscriber and wondering how the new changes are working out, why don’t you come on back and give it a try? If you need to reinstall the client you can to the News page about this weekend and click the link towards the bottom.

Yule Festival 2009

As if a Welcome Back Weekend wasn’t enough, Turbine will be kicking the season off right with the start of the Yule Festival! Get into the seasonal spirit by jumping in game and participating in a variety of games, events, and contests. This year apparently will introduce a new mini game – ‘Beer Fight’!

There is a great dev diary on the subject which I would normally parse out for you all, but has done a good job at doing it so I will refer you to them!

Tomorrow starts the new and improved Yule Festival and there is a brand new dev diary released today talking about the goodies we will find. I plan to write up a full guide on the events to be found once I’ve experienced them all for you to help you get things done. Today we get to simply bounce around in excitement over what is to come!

To get even more insight into the festival, take a look at the

Now go on back to waiting for the servers to come up, and happy holidays 🙂



~ by Branadoc on December 15, 2009.

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