Coming Back from.. not posting

So there has been a bit of an extended hiatus with the posting on this blog, this has mainly been due to a large cluster of non-LotRO related issues that just mounted up. I am slowly getting back into the ‘swing’ of things though, and will once again be updating the blog as I go. I hope that some of the folks that found the blog interesting in the past will continue to enjoy the new posts.

Today I do have a very small tidbit to talk about – I entered Skirmishes for the first time since Mirkwood launched. I, apparently, picked the wrong skirmish to get into after the Tutorial though – I chose Trouble in Tuckborough with my fresh Warrior (My current focus is a 43 Hunter – Branadoc).

The # of Lieutenant spawns and additional aggro pulls (Adds) was just… amazing. I died 5 times in the period it took me to finish that skirmish (my poor Warrior fared much much worse, I fear he may still be picking shards of steel and leather out of his body), it also ended with me having a 105s repair bill. Ok ok, 105 silver may not seem like much – but when you have only a little > 1g to your name? Yeah its alot (10% in fact).

So what did I do? I went to Twitter of course! I follow (and am followed by) quite a few fans, and got answers from 2 of them. One of the answers came from the great folks over at (awesome blog) – the other was someone I find I have a lot in common with [I don’t believe he has a blog so I don’t want to publish his twitter name and get him spammed (by my few readers :p)].

Anyway… back on topic. The suggestion was to try the Amon Sul (otherwise known as Weathertop to you folks who only know it by that name) skirmish. Things went much much better from that point onwards – I not only finished the skirmish properly without dying, but I also managed to take on the 2 side encounters! This netted me a good 200 or so marks (as well as some barter marks I turned in for even more skirmish marks). Those marks allowed me to get my Warrior’s base level to 43 as well as a few of his trained traits.

So that’s what happened today, no pictures for y’all – but then I am just getting back into the swing of things.

Happy Journeys!



~ by Carlosjuero on March 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Coming Back from.. not posting”

  1. I’m so glad your second attempt went better! 🙂

    • Thanks much Goldenstar 🙂 – once I get enough done I have to use your Cosmetic Outfit guide to figure out what to go all snazzy with 😀

  2. Hi
    I am a newbie here.
    Glad to find this forum…as what I am looking for

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