Level Up – 44; More Angmar Questing

So this morning I once again jumped into and went to work on improving myself. This morning I didn’t do any skirmishes, but decided to try and get through some more quests in . I also have a screenshot of the swords made for me by a kinship member a while ago, I promised many months ago to put them up here and finally have one so :).

First off lets get the item picture for the sword out of the way:

Tempered Dwarf Craft Sword (named crit)

One of my great Kinship mates made 2 of these swords up for me, boosting my agility by a total of 26 when equipped (and, as hunters know, agility = damage and safety :p). Sure, its probably not the absolute best weapon I could have for my level (doh! I need to screen my bow too huh?) but it was a gift and it is nice to have.

Ok, on to today’s adventures!

As you can probably tell by the post title, I dinged 44 today! Yep, thats right… after almost 3 years of ‘life’ my main character has finally hit the exalted 44! Oh.. wait, the level cap is 65 now huh? GRRR! I will get you yet! I am still proud of myself anyway so there!

As I stated in the intro, I did a few quests in Angmar today to try and clear out all of the solo-able ones I can. I will probably run a few skirmishes here and there as well, but I need coin and skirmishes aren’t the way to get it. Today I finally finished the instance that gave me so much trouble last time I was playing (I thought I wrote about it, but I guess I just complained to kin members :p). The quest was – fighting against Hill Beasts, which are pretty tough for my hunter to handle if I am not careful (and I wasn’t the first time I tried it).

I got through that quest and got a nice reward (an earring I forgot to screen – dangit, next time I promise) and that allowed me to complete another quest: from which I received this:


I now have 2 pieces of the Fem set and am well on my way to another one (I hope). I actually leveled to 44 on my way to do “Crannogs Third Challenge” and decided that my luck would probably just go south so logged out for a bit.

Getting back into the swing of things, slowly but surely. It will take a while for me to fully get back into gear, and I fear it may take a very long while to get up to the level of content my kinship is muddling through :/.

I leave you now with a level 44 hobbit standing outside of his humble hobbit hole!


Happy Hunting,




~ by Branadoc on March 18, 2010.

One Response to “Level Up – 44; More Angmar Questing”

  1. Congratulations to your recent success, Branadoc. I hope this, and your fun, will last for a long time 🙂

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