Angmar Adventures Part 4ish – Completed Armor Set

I was planning on writing this on Friday, but time sort of slipped away :). I did jump back into Friday and managed to get some things accomplished, I finished off an Armor set and quest line and completed some deeds.

Read on for more! (I break the posts up to keep the front page semi-clean and to keep more posts on it).

So Friday I continued my hobbity exploits in , working on the Crannog’s Challenge Quest Line (which rewards the full armor set).

Before I go into that, though, here is a picture of the Bow that I have been using – promised last post to ‘show it off’ 🙂


The great thing about the bow is that it has Fire Damage already, so I don’t have to use Fire Oil pots to get that damage type – though I am wondering if the Fire Oil damage stacks on top of it and if it would be worth it. Any thoughts out there on that? The bow also has a 5% chance to De-moralize the enemy, meaning I get a small Morale return if it procs.

On to the Angmar Questing! I managed to knock out the rest of the Crannog’s Challenge series of quests ending off with a duel called The . Last post I had completed Crannog’s Second Challenge – so Friday I completed Crannog’s , , and Challenges before moving on to doing the Rite.

I thought that the Fifth Challenge and the Rite would be tough, but the second guy I had to defeat in the Fifth challenge was standing in a tent with some NPC hunters – on aggroing me for the challenge he was just about decimated by them with me barely helping out :/. The Rite had me ready for a tough battle – as the 2 people that I had to duel were tough mobs: 1 Signature, and 1 Elite. However, at a certain health level they quit and nothing really happened. Sort of a let down :/.

Anyway – completing the last 3 challenges netted me the rest of the Fem’s Armaments set:


With those last 3 items I now get the full armor set bonus, and my agility stat is looking much healthier :).

For completing the entire chain I also picked up a (teal? I am partially color blind so I can’t tell :/) pocket item that should help out too:


I opened up a new line of quests by finishing up that challenge, but I think I will work on some Skirmishes first. Need to get my Solider on level with me so that he won’t die so quickly.

Oh yeah, I also managed to complete some deeds!


So I am rocking along pretty good, still a very very long way to go until I catch up with my Kinship members though.

Happy Hunting!



~ by Branadoc on March 22, 2010.

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