Skirmishing; A Few Deeds; Spring is Sprung!

So over Monday and Tuesday I managed to do a few Skirmishes – even managing to fail one I have done successfully before :/. Finished off a few deeds with those skirmishes, and moved my way closer to a new level and a new look for my soldier.

The big thing for this week, though, is the Spring Festival. It started up yesterday and will likely run for about a month or so (no guarantees). Read beyond the break for more.

In the Skirmish front I did the Siege of Gondoman skirmish, which brought me a bucket of XP and an ok amount of Skirmish marks. It was quite hectic for my hunter though, my solider isn’t quite up to snuff trait wise so he would die a bit too often – usually when a troll was about. A little side rant about soldiers is that they seem to have some sort of ‘Shiny Object Disorder’ [SOD] – often my Soldier would be sitting halfway across the platform from me and twiddling its thumbs while I was fighting for my life; other times I would blow the horn to have it attack the enemy I was facing… only to have it run off and attack a different mob.

Bleh – sorry about the rant there, I truly hope Turbine fixes up the Soldier AI… or at least gives us a few more controls like ‘Come’, ‘Stay’, ‘Bad Soldier!’. Anyway, I jumped into Amon Sul right after that…. and failed?! Yep, was doing great until one particularly nasty Daywalker attack which managed to pull one of the Encounter mobs [a Wisp signature] – everything looked fine after the mobs were dead, Candaith had health and I was in the process of re-lighting the fires when ‘Blooop – Loading Screen’. For about a minute I was concerned that I had gotten glitched, but then I saw the chat log showing Candait ‘dying’ 😦 – a big message in front of my face would have worked better, and I don’t get why he died either.

Ah well – got enough skirmish marks to upgrade 1 of my soldiers traits and purchase some cosmetic traits. Instead of a generic Man Soldier I now have a Hobbit Soldier wearing Chainmail :).

All was not lost, I managed to finish off Enmity of the Goblins (Advanced) and 2 of the Skirmish specific deeds during Siege of Gondoman.

Now on to the event that will be flowing around Middle Earth for at least a month. The annual Spring Festival is here! There are a ton of different activities to go through, many of which reward you with Spring Leaf items – you can then barter those items for some pretty nice rewards (including 2 different Spring Mounts, housing decorations, cosmetic outfits, etc). I won’t go too much into detail about the festival because the folks over at have done a great job on a .

I managed to collect 5 leaves yesterday, and I won myself the horse token from the Shire horse race. I, however, don’t have nearly enough gold at this point to purchase the ownership document needed (nor do I have the 7 more leaves I need). I have had an offer I must consider regarding the document, but I really don’t relish the grinding for more leaves – I probably will anyway just because :).

Thats all for now, Happy Hunting and Enjoy the Festival!


~ by Branadoc on March 24, 2010.

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