Spring Horse NPC not to return until late April

That’s right, Sapience (a community manager of the ) posted a reply to this thread regarding the NPC that sells the documents for the Spring Festival Horse. When the festival launched the Naughty NPC was selling the documents at cut throat prices, apparently in an attempt to bankrupt his boss. Instead of selling them for 1.6 gold (for folks who already have purchased a mount in the past) or 4 gold (for folks who are buying their first mount) he was selling them for 3 silver / 7 silver (respectively).

Turbine jumped in pretty quick and disabled this naughty vendor, and people have been wondering when he will make a return – Sapience stated that it would require a client side patch due to the nature of the bug, and that the patch would happen closer to the Anniversary date (April 24th). He did say, however, that the festival would be extended or re-enabled [whichever necessary] in order for folks to turn in their tokens and get the documents for their horses.

Here is the quote direct from the (pun intended) Horses Mouth:

Posted by Sapience:

Hey guys! The horse vendor will not be available until sometime near the planned end of the Spring Festival. Possibly later. The nature of this issue requires a client side patch to resolve.
Because we have a planned patch due around the end of Spring Festival, we intend to roll the fix for this issue into that patch. Because this will occur after the planned end of the Spring Festival, we will either extend the festival for an additional week or re-enable it once the patch is live to ensure everyone who has earned their Spring Festival mount can trade for it.
In the meantime, you’ll still be able to acquire all your tokens and everything you need to obtain the horse, you just won’t be able to trade them in until we have the fix in place.
We realize this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. We want everyone who has earned their mount to be able to enjoy it.

So there ya go, quite a long wait for the horses to come back – but Turbine does plan on letting us redeem our tokens at least 🙂

Happy Hunting!



~ by Branadoc on March 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Spring Horse NPC not to return until late April”

  1. Man, that’s a long time off…

    • Yeah, its a ways off – but at least they are going to put the NPC back in. Last Spring the race was so messed up they had to remove the NPC for the entire Festival and didn’t bring him back.

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