Skirmishing and Ding! Level 45

Friday I did some more skirmishing, got some more Spring Leaf tokens and finally, after 3 years of life, got my ‘main’ up to level 45! Only 20 more levels to go… *sigh* well, I will catch up to my kinship eventually eh?

Before I get on with the post, I hope that you lucky suckers (yeah, suckers… *pout*) are having fun up at .. be sure to visit the Booth and harangue them for not giving me a free pass/transportation/hotel! Just kidding on the harangue part, but visit our great Turbine folks anyway 😀

So I jumped back into the game on Friday and decided that, hell or high water, I was going to finish off getting the Spring Leaf tokens I need for my Spring Festival Horse. I got one by going through the maze looking for lost Elves [silly Elves, even a Hobbit has more common sense than to go wandering into a maze… oh wait :p].

After securing the leaves I figured I would get a skirmish in – I was, at the time, about 15,000 XP short of level 45 and figured that I could at least get close to that goal with a single skirmish. I started up Siege of Gondoman again because I have had the most luck with it (skirmish mark wise and ease of play wise). My Soldier (well, Warrior) is a nice looking Hobbit with Chainmail now, and most of his traits were up to at least 43/47 for level – meaning he lasts a little longer. I also got a tip on the on the fact that you can use the Skirmish Horn button to ‘summon’ your soldier to your side so their SOD isn’t as annoying.

I bravely fought of hordes of enemies and, in the middle of the 3rd wave, dinged 45! Wow – before the skirmish was done I had earned over 14,000 XP! I finished off the skirmish successfully (for the first time one of the defenders survived too). After exiting the Skirmish I ran over to Bree and picked up my Level 45 class quest… but that is a story for another post (i.e. when I do it :p).

So in all, I managed to gain over 20,000 XP with the Rest XP bonus and 5% welcome back XP bonus.. for a single skirmish. Not bad for a quick days work eh? Next up on my plate is the class quest, some normal questing, and possibly trying out the new Skirmish I unlocked “Thievery and Mischief”.

Happy Hunting!



~ by Branadoc on March 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Skirmishing and Ding! Level 45”

  1. Congrats! Upped experience is great and using it in Skirmishes is a great idea. It feels like you get more experience in skirmishes. I don’t know if that’s at all true though.

    • It does feel like maybe there is more experience in Skirmishes, maybe its just because of the fact that you are usually always going against even level mobs (with some LT’s thrown in the mix) in larger waves than you find out ‘in the wild’. I know for certain, though, that just doing normal quest lines in Angmar would take me much much longer (much more than the 28 minutes it took me to do Siege of Gondoman) to get that much experience.

      Oh, and thanks 🙂 – hope PAX is going well.

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