Freezing Forochel and Lopping Moose Heads

This is the first character update in quite a while I see, well – the name of the site is “Sneaky Hobbits” right? Can’t be all not-sneaky and provide regular updates now can I? 🙂

Ok, so the past few days I have returned Branadoc to Forochel because Eregion was starting to wear on me a little bit (I have a few quests marked as solo that I just can’t seem to finish). Forochel is bloody cold of course, but its main annoyance to me is that every single mob seems to give me wounds constantly. I am running through wound pots too darned fast – maybe it is due to how many Beast mob classes there are.

Read on after the break…

Anyway, while doing a quest to gain the trust of the natives I managed to get lucky with my shots. I managed to get all of my arrows only into the body of a Frost Antler and he dropped this:

Frost Antler Head Berter Item

This is my second housing item drop ever so I am darned happy for it (my housing decorations are 80% drops 20% purchased. Here is the fearsome Frost Antler adorning the wall of my hobbit hole:

Frost Antler Head Mounted

I am going to have to do a tour of my hobbity hole sometime soon, I will capture it on video and post it up on YouTube (and embed it here of course).

I was thinking about writing about the November update, the resulting furor, and a bunch of other stuff going on.. but I will save that for another day/post.

Happy Hunting Middle Earth!



~ by Branadoc on December 2, 2010.

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