[Video] Trouble in Tuckborough Skirmish – Landroval

Greetings reader[s]!

I bring you yet another 2 videos of my Captain adventuring on Landroval. This time I am showing him running through the skirmish. As you can see from the video I have a system of how I take out the enemies and flip the control points.

Out of the 2 encounters I only did one, I don’t remember where the second one spawns [I think it was the bear] and didn’t want to spend a long time looking for it. My skirmish soldier is a Herbalist, which some may say is overkill for a Captain – but I look at it like this: If I don’t run out of health I can focus on defeating the bad guys better ;).

So here you go, a 2 part jaunt into the Shire:

Trouble In Tuckborough – Part 1/2

Trouble in Tuckborough – Part 2/2

I hope you enjoy them.



~ by Branadoc on March 2, 2011.

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