Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard Announced (Fall 2011)

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Being the Sneaky Hobbit that I am, I am springing this post on y’all with no warm-up or intro!

Today announced that the next expansion for The will be coming to us in Fall of 2011. The Expansion is named Rise of Isengard to portray our arrival in that fabled area. Here is a short list of some of the features coming with the new expansion pack:

  • Experience the Rise of Isengard – The Epic Story continues as the Grey Company makes its way south into Dunland, but troubles arise as their road takes them into lands where Dunlending forces, marshaled by the Wizard Saruman, prepare for war. The Rangers must seek new allies and face dangerous new foes, chief among them the traitor Saruman, whose web of intrigue threatens to endanger your quest, your friends, and your life.
  • Increased Level Cap — Players will be able advance their characters up to level 70, gaining access to new traits, virtues, skills and class quests.  
  • Expanded Monster Play – LOTRO’s monster play system will get a major revamp including opening up the feature to all players, changes to monster player skills and advancement and a brand new region for players to battle for or against the forces of evil.

That last bullet point should be nice for folks who care about PvMP in the game – though it likely won’t be enough for some of the more, shall we say, strident of voices.

The announcement also states that it will be “coming to the Store”, which makes me think that it will be 100% purchasable with Turbine Points – if so it will be the first “big” test of their new system in my eyes.. if the entire expansion can be purchased (non piece-meal) for a decent TP cost from the store then us Lifetime members have it made ;).

Anyways, that is the big news in LotRO’s world today. As for me, I will try to post more frequently on the blog here, but Real Life keeps kicking me in the bum.

Happy Hunting Middle Earth!



More information on Free-2-Play

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The folks at have been hard at work compiling information, they have managed to break down what the Free-2-Play move will mean for old players/current players/new players/etc.

Go on over there to check out the informative post: http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/2010/06/lotro-free-to-play-and-you/


Lord of the Rings Online going Free-2-Play; This is not a joke

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Today officially announced that the game we all know and love, , will be going Free-2-Play this fall with the release of Volume 3 Book 2. Yeah, I know that sounds like an April Fool’s joke – so here it is straight from the horses mouth:

Today is an important day for LOTRO: we’ve announced that this fall, LOTRO will begin offering a Free-to-Play option! Players will be able to download the game and adventure in Middle-earth for free. With Free-to-Play comes the addition of the LOTRO Store, where players will have immediate in-game access to a wide variety of special items, account services, and convenience items.

Yes, this means Turbine is taking LotRO down the same route they took DDO []. It is no surprise really, DDO increased revenue in a dramatic way after going F2P – it was only a matter of time, I guess, before LotRO was added to that list.

I have major reservations about this, I am a Lifetime Subscriber so am automatically a ‘VIP’ member but the DDO Store has many… er… “helper” items in it that make game play extremely easy – if the same happens with LotRO then what?

I will reserve full judgement until I either get into the Beta for it, or I see it Live.  The Sky is not falling Chicken Little.. but times, they are a changing.


Skirmishing and Ding! Level 45

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Friday I did some more skirmishing, got some more Spring Leaf tokens and finally, after 3 years of life, got my ‘main’ up to level 45! Only 20 more levels to go… *sigh* well, I will catch up to my kinship eventually eh?

Before I get on with the post, I hope that you lucky suckers (yeah, suckers… *pout*) are having fun up at .. be sure to visit the Booth and harangue them for not giving me a free pass/transportation/hotel! Just kidding on the harangue part, but visit our great Turbine folks anyway 😀

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Spring Horse NPC not to return until late April

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That’s right, Sapience (a community manager of the ) posted a reply to this thread regarding the NPC that sells the documents for the Spring Festival Horse. When the festival launched the Naughty NPC was selling the documents at cut throat prices, apparently in an attempt to bankrupt his boss. Instead of selling them for 1.6 gold (for folks who already have purchased a mount in the past) or 4 gold (for folks who are buying their first mount) he was selling them for 3 silver / 7 silver (respectively).

Turbine jumped in pretty quick and disabled this naughty vendor, and people have been wondering when he will make a return – Sapience stated that it would require a client side patch due to the nature of the bug, and that the patch would happen closer to the Anniversary date (April 24th). He did say, however, that the festival would be extended or re-enabled [whichever necessary] in order for folks to turn in their tokens and get the documents for their horses.

Here is the quote direct from the (pun intended) Horses Mouth:

Posted by Sapience:

Hey guys! The horse vendor will not be available until sometime near the planned end of the Spring Festival. Possibly later. The nature of this issue requires a client side patch to resolve.
Because we have a planned patch due around the end of Spring Festival, we intend to roll the fix for this issue into that patch. Because this will occur after the planned end of the Spring Festival, we will either extend the festival for an additional week or re-enable it once the patch is live to ensure everyone who has earned their Spring Festival mount can trade for it.
In the meantime, you’ll still be able to acquire all your tokens and everything you need to obtain the horse, you just won’t be able to trade them in until we have the fix in place.
We realize this is an inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding. We want everyone who has earned their mount to be able to enjoy it.

So there ya go, quite a long wait for the horses to come back – but Turbine does plan on letting us redeem our tokens at least 🙂

Happy Hunting!


Celebrate Spring with Welcome Back Week!

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The time is upon us once again dear readers – the time of the Welcome Back Week!

That’s right, from March 25th through March 29th 2010 prior subscribers to Turbines Golden MMO child can return to experience the joy of the Spring Festival. Take a gander at the new changes to the game, experience the Spring Festival, stomp some shrews… and do it all for Free!*

There will be a +5% Experience Point Bonus** and Free stable master travel during this welcome back event, so what’s stopping you?!


* Offer available only to former players of LOTRO with a paid online subscription in good standing at the time the subscription expired.
** Bonus experience stacks with Rest XP.

*** Note: Prior accounts will be automatically activated for this period of time, you do not need to re-subscribe or go to your account page to activate. It may take some time from the start of the time period until your account is fully authorized to play for the event, don’t worry though – as long as you were a subscriber in good standing you will be reactivated.

Skirmishing; A Few Deeds; Spring is Sprung!

•March 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

So over Monday and Tuesday I managed to do a few Skirmishes – even managing to fail one I have done successfully before :/. Finished off a few deeds with those skirmishes, and moved my way closer to a new level and a new look for my soldier.

The big thing for this week, though, is the Spring Festival. It started up yesterday and will likely run for about a month or so (no guarantees). Read beyond the break for more.

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