[Video] Thievery & Mischief Skirmish – Landroval

•March 8, 2011 • 2 Comments

Greetings Reader[s].

Once again I bring you the further adventures of Jonthon, Man-Captain on Landroval. Today I recorded him going through the skirmish. This one is a bit more straightforward for me, and it is easier to locate the encounter mobs. The final fight is a bit tougher than the due to it being against an Elite, but it is doable for me.

Without much further ado, here is the 2 part recording of the skirmish:

Skirmish – Part 1/2

Skirmish – Part 2/2

I hope you enjoy them.


[Video] Trouble in Tuckborough Skirmish – Landroval

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Greetings reader[s]!

I bring you yet another 2 videos of my Captain adventuring on Landroval. This time I am showing him running through the skirmish. As you can see from the video I have a system of how I take out the enemies and flip the control points.

Out of the 2 encounters I only did one, I don’t remember where the second one spawns [I think it was the bear] and didn’t want to spend a long time looking for it. My skirmish soldier is a Herbalist, which some may say is overkill for a Captain – but I look at it like this: If I don’t run out of health I can focus on defeating the bad guys better ;).

So here you go, a 2 part jaunt into the Shire:

Trouble In Tuckborough – Part 1/2

Trouble in Tuckborough – Part 2/2

I hope you enjoy them.


[Video] Retake Weathertop Instance – Landroval

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Here are 2 more videos for you. A 2 part set showing a run through the [Solo] Instance for 1.2.5 – I was a bit over level for the quest so everything was pretty trivial. The buff also sort of made me overpowered when facing the 2 final bosses.

Without further ado:

Retake Weathertop [Video] Part 1/2:

Retake Weathertop [Video] Part 2/2:



[Video] Short footage of Iorvinas dungeon in Lone Lands

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Being the sneaky Hobbit that I am I figured I would just spring this on you all without warning 🙂

This is a short video I recorded while running through the Iorvinas public dungeon in The Lone Lands on Landroval. Nothing really special going on here.

Yes, that is a Man Captain – poor hobbits are left out of the Captain class entirely. Hope you enjoy.


Yule Fest 2010 Errata

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So this year for Yule fest I have found a definite dearth of holiday spirit. No fault of Turbine’s but I have been feeling meh about it all.

This year added a new zone for the holidays called “Winter Home”, this is a snow covered area (ostensibly located to the NW of Forochel) which holds quite a few festive (and some not so festive) quests for the season. You don’t get direct awards of Yule Fest Tokens, instead you get Frostbluff Coin items that can either be bartered for festival tokens, or used in quests.

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Level Up! Branadoc hits 50; A look at Producer Paizs’ Letter

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During my continued adventuring yesterday my main character, Branadoc, finally hit level 50! Yep, after 3.5 years of existence I finally hit the Shadows of Angmar level cap and now there are only 15 more levels keeping me from the current cap!… Yay? I might, feasibly, see the current cap before Rise of Isengard is released but who knows right?

Now don’t take my comments above as showing me to be some sort of person who only aims for “end game”. I just want to have at least one level capped character on my account after 3.5 years you know? Then I can focus on my huge bevy of alts and look into all the different quest zones I haven’t experienced (mainly due to them coming out after I had already out-leveled them on my main).

If you want to read my opinion on the latest State of the Game [Producer’s] letter by producer Kate Paiz then read on after the break.

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Freezing Forochel and Lopping Moose Heads

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This is the first character update in quite a while I see, well – the name of the site is “Sneaky Hobbits” right? Can’t be all not-sneaky and provide regular updates now can I? 🙂

Ok, so the past few days I have returned Branadoc to Forochel because Eregion was starting to wear on me a little bit (I have a few quests marked as solo that I just can’t seem to finish). Forochel is bloody cold of course, but its main annoyance to me is that every single mob seems to give me wounds constantly. I am running through wound pots too darned fast – maybe it is due to how many Beast mob classes there are.

Read on after the break…

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